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Bette Bentley is a young mom and filmmaker. She just completed her film I AM A GIGANTOSAURUS ACTUALLY starring Alison Brie and Lyric Lewis. It's a quirky, emotional comedy about a mom contemplating her mortality. In 2022, she took her short film, "She Really Hurt My Feelings in Yoga Class" to major festivals. It's a surreal comedy. An introspective journey into the depths of a scorned yogi's imagination. Much like all her films, it is strange and weird and beautiful and funny and a female journey. Her feature, I LOST MY VIRGINITY TO VINCENT GALLO, is getting lots of buzz and is 'top 4' trending on the Black List. She's directed TV shows for the fabulous Kate Berlant: her hit show "On the Street with Kate B." And made major comedy for the internet, which has received over 1 BILLION views. She started her career making comedy for Funny or Die.  Now she manages to be a mom to 2 babies and make movies. And be a vibrant queen. She would like to thank Trader Joe's dark roast coffee for all the support! Currently, she is working on a unique, female-focused animated show, attending festivals for her short, packaging her feature, and working on a new short film that she calls "even weirder and more beautiful." We can't wait.

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